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These thumbnails are of articles about The Pan Motor Company and Sam Pandolfo also of photos and articales people have sent me.
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Chris Barker's Grandfather (Frank Gustafson) worked for Pan Motoer Company in 1920.
These photos are of him and some of his co-workers. If you can identifie any of these men please email me.

Pan Employees
Pan Employees Pan Employees
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Grill patent 1919 Old Cars Weekly October 6, 2016 Old Car Weekly Oct.6,2016

Grill patent 1919

Eddy Pauwels of Antwep, Belgium sent me this file of a patent that one of his relatives was awarded.

Pan coin Back of Pan Coinpan coin

Kris Stewart sent me these photos of a Pan Coin he found during some restoration in his house near "Pantown".

True Story of The Pan Motor Co.Pan Paper OCW Aug.29,20023 Pans

St. Cloud Times May 10, 2003 J D The Legend of Sam Pandolfo the legend

One of the items produced by th Pandolfo Manufacturing Co.

OCW Nov.6,2003 Pan#2 Pans in Montana

Pan test car Old Cars Weekly April 8, 2004 cow4404

St. Cloud Times Dec. 27, 2005 Hemmings Motor News Feb. 2007

Pan tractor Pan Automobile

Granite City Crossing bridge opening video Granite City Crossing bridge opening photos

Sam Pandolfo to be reburied in Waite Park
To learn more about Samuel C. Pandolfo visit the Stearns History Museum
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